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Animating again

2014-05-31 07:22:37 by ottermaniac

I've had an overwhelming success posting animations and other media on Facebook so I'll be posting some of those on here too. Unfortunately most of you are angry 13 year olds who just want to see Sonic animations or hentai, so I'll be sure to include a blue hedgehog and pairs of massive underage tits in my animations.


2012-02-23 04:18:51 by ottermaniac

Shat out another animation. One more being pushed out next week.

Also, that sexy woman in my picture is me.

Animating again

2012-01-24 15:49:45 by ottermaniac

I haven't really had time to make anything at university but today I took a few hours out to bring you this:

If it goes well I'll be making a lot more of them!


2011-09-07 21:22:24 by ottermaniac

I'll never understand those whiney little bitches who message me saying I've left a negative review. It's never the author, always some suck-up little faggot who does nothing but cry over every negative thing said about their favorite author. Do you think you're changing the world by messaging me telling me not to swear so much? Fuck you.

Also, I'll be releasing an animation soon, almost definitely. It's half done. No storyline, just a guy singing while doing some fucked up things.

Fucking hell

2010-05-21 03:00:16 by ottermaniac

Not done any shit in ages, abandoned all plans I had to get on with some uni work and it looks like that's all gone to shit now. I'm at the most unprepared ridiculously shoddily planned out piece of fuck uni imaginable. Hopefully I'll get animating again soon, maybe even remake some old games and bring some ideas to life. I had a thief RPG overhead style game coming up but I reformatted and naturally it got obliterated. I might remake it though, have some nice photoshop graphics in there or whatever. Woop.

New shit

2009-05-29 15:25:30 by ottermaniac

Not sure if anyone even reads these anymore, but I'm currently working on an animation like 'Pauls birthday present'. If you haven't seen it, go look so you know what I'm on about ;D It's not done with smilies but in the style of that animation, drew the characters myself this time. I'm also making it a lot longer than previous animations, maybe about 5 minutes. I've just spent 10 minutes animating 3.7 seconds of it, urgh. Should pay off though hopefully.

New shit

Uni and shit

2008-12-04 16:57:52 by ottermaniac

It's been ages since I've posted here. As it's christmas and part of my uni assignment I made a little Christmas animation, I submitted it under an hour ago. Hope you all enjoy and have a great christmas


Busy busy busy

2008-05-20 11:15:40 by ottermaniac

I've been busy at college and haven't had time to produce any more movies/games, though I half-worked on a game where you steal things. I just need some graphic artists as I'm shit at drawing birds-eye-view graphics. I'd like to thank Paul for contributing though I do need more help! As for the actionscript, it actually works :D So yeah, heres some plans of things I might work on:

More of the Circular Massacre movies
The overhead theiving game (I'm Bloody Nicking It)
Music in Fruityloops

Keep an eye out in the next few weeks, I may have started / finished one by then!


2008-02-21 20:11:32 by ottermaniac

In 4 hours I whacked together this piece of steaming crap:



2007-12-20 11:00:46 by ottermaniac

Updating to CS3 shortly. Taking a loooong time to install. Hopefully I'll get used to the program pretty quick.